Black Christmas [Import]

Black Christmas [Import]
Namn: Black Christmas [Import]
Skådespelare: Cassidy, Chabert, Trachtenberg
Utgivare: Phantom Sound & Vision
Utgiven: 2008-11-18

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Import only Blu-Ray pressing. Region All. A handful of sorority girls remain at the house after the school shuts down for Christmas break. An ominous snowstorm blows in isolating them. At the same time a killer–who in this remake version escapes from a mental institution to return to his former family home–breaks into the attic and begins making terrifying phone calls to the girls (led by Kate Cassidy Michelle Trachtenberg and Lacey Chabert) before killing them off one by one. SCTV veteran Andrea Martin who portrayed a victim in the original returns as Ms. Mac the house mother.

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