Cruising Bar 2

Cruising Bar 2
Namn: Cruising Bar 2
Skådespelare: Alexis Belec, Carl Boulianne, Eric Cabana, Joseph Bellerose, Michel Cote
Utgivare: 101 DISTRIBUTION
Utgiven: 2009-03-10

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French with English subtitles. They’re back! Fifteen years later, the heroes from Cruising Bar may hardly have changed but the world around them most certainly has! For the Bull, reality is brutal. His wife of 30 years, sick of his infidelity, decides to show him the door. But the Bull, who has a positive outlook on life, isn’t so easily defeated and fights for his survival. The Lion too faces a break-up when his girlfriend leaves. All alone, he’s force to relearn the art of seduction. The Peacock, on the other hand, is trying to figure out his sexual identity with the help of a psychologist. As for the Earthworm, his long wait for a soul mate will, at last, be requited.

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