Masters of Horror – Season 1, Vol. 4

Masters of Horror – Season 1, Vol. 4
Namn: Masters of Horror – Season 1, Vol. 4
Skådespelare: Masters of Horror
Utgivare: ANCHOR BAY
Utgiven: 2007-12-11

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IMPRINT This infamous episode directed by Takashi
Miike (AUDITION) was considered so disturbing that cable television refused to broadcast it.

HOMECOMING Joe Dante (GREMLINS) directs the season s most provocative episode in which dead troops return from war to vote in the next Presidential election.

HAECKEL’S TALE The erotic hungers of the undead come alive in this chilling shocker directed by John McNaughton (HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER). CHOCOLATE Director Mick Garris (THE STAND) acclaimed tale of obsession, murder and psychosexual hunger starring Henry Thomas and Matt Frewer.

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