Namn: Postal
Skådespelare: Dave Foley, Verne Troyer, Zack Ward
Utgivare: Vivendi Entertainment
Utgiven: 2008-08-26

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Prepare yourself for the hilarious, laugh-packed comedy POSTAL, the irreverent and outrageous film based on the popular video game. After a clueless slacker named the Postal Dude (Zack Ward) loses his job, he joins his shady Uncle Dave (Dave Foley) and a bevy of big-breasted, scantily–clad female cult followers in a scheme to steal a shipment of hot new toys. But first they must foil a band of ruthless terrorists — led by none other than Osama Bin Laden — and save the world from destruction in this offensive, mayhem-ridden laugh riot that threatens the very limits of common decency.

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