Stories From the Vaults: Season One

Stories From the Vaults: Season One
Namn: Stories From the Vaults: Season One
Skådespelare: Tom Cavanagh
Utgivare: Smithsonian Networks
Utgiven: 2008-09-23

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Ever wondered what’s hiding behind the scenes of America s most renowned museum complex? Find out as host Tom Cavanagh (Eli Stone, Ed) takes viewers beyond the exhibit halls on an insider’s tour of the private rooms, high-tech vaults and cutting edge labs of the Smithsonian Institution, revealing some of the amazing artifacts and rarely seen treasures that visitors can t see! Boasting more than 342,000 square feet of storage space and more than 31 million items in just one of their facilities… some of the oldest and weirdest artifacts are housed here! In each episode of Stories From the Vaults, the Smithsonian’s curators, experts and scientists open their collections and share their distinctive passions by presenting their most prized, surprising or enlightening artifacts, relics or specimens standouts among the 100 million or so items in the Smithsonian’s collections currently not on exhibit. Cavanagh climbs ladders, peers in drawers, looks behind doors, stares into microscopes and interacts with old bones, bringing a contagious enthusiasm and off-beat humor to the series. He uncovers the intriguing history of each object – its origins, how it came to the Smithsonian, how it is being painstakingly preserved and studied and what it might tell us about ourselves, our culture, where we came from or where we may be going. Episodes from season one of this original Smithsonian Networks program include: Famous Donors, Superlatives, No Place Like Home, Beauty, Firsts, Life After Death and Random? In recognition of its creativity, the Stories From The Vaults series recently received a Gold World Medal from the New York Festival, as well as a Parent’s Choice Gold Award for Excellence.

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