Sunrise Earth: Alaska

Sunrise Earth: Alaska
Namn: Sunrise Earth: Alaska
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Enjoy a tranquil journey at dawn into the unique landscapes of Alaska – the last frontier. From quiet beaches to breathtaking glaciers, meet the enchanting residents who can be found greeting each day’s first light.

Katmai Bears

After seven months of hibernation, the world’s largest population of brown bears is ready for some sun in the Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska. They begin the morning in the meadow, but as the sun rises and the tide goes out, the bears dig for clams in the flats.

Volcano Lagoon

Under the shadow of Alaska’s Augustine Volcano, a perfect cone that last erupted in 1986, a tidal lagoon fills and empties with the tides. This is a land where the earth quakes about every 30 sunrises, yet nearby harbor seals are nonplussed.

Homer Takeoff

In the days after the summer solstice, red-necked grebes tend their nests in Beluga Lake near Homer, Alaska. Ground fog drifts past the birds and shoreline floatplanes awaiting their day’s load. As the sun appears, the fog lifts.

Glacier of Kenai Fjords

Perched in the dawn hours along the terminal moraine of Kenai Fjords National Park’s largest tidewater glacier are blue icebergs flowing toward the sea. Scattered on the jet-black beach are other bergs broken under the pressure of a four-mile river of ice.

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